DICOM Quickie: Copying a study from one PACS to another using dcmqr (query / retrieve)

Sending a dicom study from one PACS to another is quite simple using dcmqr from the dcm4che toolkit (I am currently using v2):

    -L $TO_PACS_AET \

It implements a dicom query (here we are querying by study) and retrieve operation (where we are ‘retrieving’ the study to another PACS).

Without the bash variables it might look something like this:

dcmqr -highprior DCM4CHEE@localhost:11112 -cmove PACS2 \
    -L PACS2 \

A few notes:

  • The -cmove flag says to retrieve the objects to a specified move destiniation, in this case $TO_PACS_AET or PACS2. The AET referenced here should be registered with your source PACS so it knows which IP / port it corresponds to.
  • The -highprior flag is optional, letting the PACS know that you consider this to be a higher priority request.
  • The -q flag could have been followed by any other DICOM tag value / name. ie: -qPatientName, etc. We chose StudyInstanceUID somewhat arbitrarily (apart from its general usefulness). See the dcmqr man page for more details.

Note: Tested using the dcm4che toolkit v2.0.29.

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