Clearing out FileCopy Orders in dcm4chee2.x

Every now and then you might find your legacy dcm4chee2 instance inundated with FileCopy orders, due to a bug in one of your HSM copy command scripts or otherwise.

It happened to me a few weeks back, one instance had 15,000 messages which piled up due to a bug in an HSM copy script running over a couple of days. They would not clear on reset, or via any of the standard interfaces (jmx-console + dcm4chee-web3)

To clear them it seems you need to work directly with the database. Instructions are #1) Stop dcm4chee, and log into the database. #2) Run the following commands (here we have them for Postgres):

truncate jbm_msg;

delete from jbm_msg_ref where message_id not in (select message_id from jbm_msg);

delete from jbm_msg where message_id not in (select message_id from jbm_msg_ref);

These commands are for posgresql, adapt to your db accordingly.

Restart dcm4chee and you should be good to go again.

No fancy tricks or popups, simply an article like the above, which I write a few times a month - just for my subscribers.