Wordpress Security: Stopping Basic Attacks

WordPress Security: Stopping Basic Attacks

One thing I soon discovered after diving into the wordpress world was the prevalence of malicious attacks on even the most innocuous and smallest of sites (for example, the blog of your’s truly). WordPress is a popular platform, and this…

Web site health monitoring: a simple example with Nagios + WebInject

I noticed that in the past few months this site has gone down a few times for unexpected reasons, and more worryingly, that these down times were not caught by my naive nagios setup, which was setup only to ping the server….

Keeping Web Services Healthy with Automated Live Testing

Keeping Web Services Healthy with Automated Live Testing

Suppose your organization needs to ensure a collection of web services are up and running and responding to client requests as expected. You also need to be able to know with minimal latency when something goes wrong, so that your…

Debugging a Remotely Deployed Java Webstart App, Locally

Recently, I’ve been fiddling around with deploying a Java WebStart application. For those of you who don’t know what that is, it’s a Java desktop application that is delivered on the spot over the web, typically by clicking on a link…